River Rocks finished piece


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I’m really glad that I decided to keep going with this theme, and there will be more to come, although smaller, I think. (First one was a full sheet, this one is a half sheet) I had fun doing this one too, and I learned a bit about tackling things that are way out of my comfort zone! I hope you enjoy it 🙂





River Rocks wip


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Moving along, slowly but surely. I’ve been really taking my time with this one. The painting process has not been as nit-picky as drawing this was, but almost! I’m still unsure how I’m going to handle some areas, but it will all come together 😄

Loyalsock Creek II


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Finally have the time to post this finished piece. Getting ready to hand it over to my client. It didn’t come out quite like I pictured it, (does it ever?) but overall I am pleased with it. It was really fun to paint, enough that I will make some smaller paintings from the photo references that weren’t used for this one. I did succeed in loosening up my technique…. just a bit. 😉

Maybe I will stretch myself and loosen up just a bit more 😄

New Drawing wip


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Starting a new large commission, back to a full size watercolor sheet! River rocks peeking through running water. No figures or hands in this one for a change 😄.

This is similar to my earlier piece, Loyalsock Creek, and as as matter of fact it is the same creek, just a close up, select view. I hope to really play and loosen up with the paint on this one, it should be really fun to do….

A personal project


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This piece is a commission that my sister in law requested. Her own hand is being held between the hands of our family’s beloved Nana. Alice was a funny, loving, good and kind woman who brought light into each of our lives.

Aside from the emotional connection, doing this was a real pleasure. Working solely in a monochromatic scheme allowed me to really focus on form and value. Without the “distraction” of worrying about skin tone and local color, I found it easier to achieve the the results that I am always looking for in my paintings (and don’t usually get IMHO).

It always feels good to refocus and hopefully bring this focus to the next painting.

Play Ball


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The finished piece. I’m happy with the results, wasn’t sure how the background was going to turn out but it’s pretty much what I’d hoped 😄

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New project wip


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Here is the project for Spring/ Summer. This one has no title yet, but that will come by the end. I have to say, my first thought was that this would be a relatively straightforward drawing/painting experience. Of course, an all grass background would be a challenge for me to paint, and that’s where I anticipated the most struggles to occur. (My weakness has always been foliage and landscapes.) I never dreamed that drawing a baseball glove would be as complicated as it turned out to be! Now, I never thought that it would be a simple thing to do, but it was much more difficult than I thought. I am very happy with how it turned out, though. And, after working out a few techniques on scrap paper, I have a plan of attack for the background now, and I feel much less anxious about it. The painting process has been fun and joyful (exactly what it’s supposed to to be) . I always plan out my paintings before I start, and I learn something new every time I paint. The early planning and struggling has seemed to pay off this time especially. I hope you like it, stay tuned for more progress updates. 😄