Carole wip


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Finally making some progress on this! Life gets in the way sometimes, but even baby steps moves you forward 😄


Earth mudra 1 wip


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Started a new small series, going back to hands again. I can’t seem to stay away from people and figures in my painting 😄

I have been wanting to paint trees (and landscapes) for a while now, but all my attempts at plein air painting have been, well, lets say less than desirable. Trees are so lovely and magnificent and have become a personal totem of sorts for me. A friend suggested starting small, with leaves, so I can still paint the thing that I love, and not feel too frustrated. So, I did! These smaller pieces combine the ideals and concepts that matter the most to me.

The hand is positioned in the Prithvi, or Earth mudra. This gesture is used to strengthen the Earth element in the body. I coupled the positioning of the fingers with the leaf to make my own symbol representing the Earth element.

River Rocks finished piece


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I’m really glad that I decided to keep going with this theme, and there will be more to come, although smaller, I think. (First one was a full sheet, this one is a half sheet) I had fun doing this one too, and I learned a bit about tackling things that are way out of my comfort zone! I hope you enjoy it 🙂




Loyalsock Creek II


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Finally have the time to post this finished piece. Getting ready to hand it over to my client. It didn’t come out quite like I pictured it, (does it ever?) but overall I am pleased with it. It was really fun to paint, enough that I will make some smaller paintings from the photo references that weren’t used for this one. I did succeed in loosening up my technique…. just a bit. 😉

Maybe I will stretch myself and loosen up just a bit more 😄

New Drawing wip


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Starting a new large commission, back to a full size watercolor sheet! River rocks peeking through running water. No figures or hands in this one for a change 😄.

This is similar to my earlier piece, Loyalsock Creek, and as as matter of fact it is the same creek, just a close up, select view. I hope to really play and loosen up with the paint on this one, it should be really fun to do….

A personal project


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This piece is a commission that my sister in law requested. Her own hand is being held between the hands of our family’s beloved Nana. Alice was a funny, loving, good and kind woman who brought light into each of our lives.

Aside from the emotional connection, doing this was a real pleasure. Working solely in a monochromatic scheme allowed me to really focus on form and value. Without the “distraction” of worrying about skin tone and local color, I found it easier to achieve the the results that I am always looking for in my paintings (and don’t usually get IMHO).

It always feels good to refocus and hopefully bring this focus to the next painting.

Play Ball


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The finished piece. I’m happy with the results, wasn’t sure how the background was going to turn out but it’s pretty much what I’d hoped 😄

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