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This piece is going to be a continuation of an idea/theme that I started with my “Grief” painting. (see my statement of intent here, and the finished piece here.)

The concept of grief or depression as it’s own entity or persona, I wanted to carry further. In this piece I wanted to show just the reflection of grief, so when the viewer is looking at the painting, it could be their own reflection. To that end, I have a few ideas for the composition of this.  My original idea was the whole figure placed in an arbitrary room with dramatic shadows.

My next idea was just a head and shoulder view- more like standing in front of your own mirror.

A friend suggested a third option. The whole figure but a tight, cropped view- almost no background at all to suggest more tension.

The hand raised up will be painted to show pressure points against the finger pads (pressing against the glass). Each time that I think that I know which I’m going to use I change my mind!

Maybe I’ll end up doing more than one……

As far as color goes, I think that I want to do something that feels cold, and bleak, so I started with purple as the base color, then layered with indigo and green.  But as I worked on these I thought that I may do something with a more natural skin tone and colors, just very,very pale with sharp shadow contrast. I’ll try another study with that color scheme next.