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Plugging away at the new project.  This is the  second attempt, the first try I was using a different type of paper, and my usual technique was  NOT working well at all.  I hadn’t  used that paper  in about 15 years or so, Fabriano 300 lb hot press.  I have been using Arches 300 lb hot press most recently.  The Fabriano is a much softer paper, and has a smoother slicker feel, than the Arches.  I used to use this paper exclusively, and I loved  it, so I was sure that I could pick right back up using this paper with no problems.  Apparently my technique and painting style has indeed changed and progressed( I hope) over the years.  Here I thought that I was painting pretty much the same way that I always had.  It’s a pleasant surprise to realize that growth is indeed happening when you can’t readily see it yourself.

So, I will try some experimenting with this paper, but for now, I switched back to the Arches to finish this piece.