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IMG_3922Here is the drawing for the next painting.  I have no name for this one yet, I’m finding it difficult to come up with one this time. This was also inspired by the writings of Joseph Campbell, specifically the interview he did with Bill Moyers called The Power of Myth. They discuss the origin myths of many cultures around the world. The Biblical story of the “Fall of Man” is the only one of these that portrays woman as a sinner, but the images and symbols of the snake and female and male in a garden seem to be almost universal. The main difference is that they are life affirming symbols in these other cultures.

“Woman brings life into the world. Eve is the mother of this temporal world. Formerly you had a dreamtime paradise there in the Garden of Eden—no time, no birth, no death—no life.”

I wanted to explore the idea that there was no “Fall”, that there was, in fact, a birth. A birth of consciousness..”from the consciousness of identity to the consciousness of participation in duality. And then you are in the field of time.”  Birth into this life, and woman as a bringer of life, not as the bringer of sin. Strong and sure and purposeful.