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by firelight 2 wipHere is progress on the painting so far. This is attempt number 2 and so far it’s working much better. I think I am starting to get the specific feel I was looking for. This time it’s one of those “I’ll know it when I see it” things….Autumn is my favorite time of year, but I sometimes have difficulty explaining the reasons why. Of course there are the usual things, the gorgeous color, the smells, the cooler air, but there is also an elusive “Something”. I started an idea in 2013 to create pieces based on the seasons since we are so lucky here to experience the changes. I assumed when starting that Autumn would be the easiest, or at least most enjoyable since it’s so special to me. How wrong I was! I don’t even understand myself exactly what I want to convey.  How do you have a painting express something you yourself don’t even understand, just feel? Well, I don’t know yet, but this is the attempt.