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I know I have mentioned this in posts before, but I don’t think I have have gone into any detail.

Once again while working on a painting in watercolors, I have had to start over. It happens. If you were to ask me right after I have made a mistake I would say that it happens way too often. But in more objective moments I could maybe admit that it isn’t “every single time”.  And sometimes I’m even able to get to a place where I realize that it’s often the best thing that can happen. The second attempt is always better in many ways than the first one. And even less measurable but more importantly, it means I’m pushing my abilities. Yes, there are times when having a piece be “good enough” and “not perfect” is a completely valid sentiment. But those moments when you look at your piece and say ” I don’t like that, I can do better” are special, and if they are happening it means you are working and growing.  Now, this is not to say that in the moment following the “ooops!” I am completely in touch with this notion, but I’m sure it’s taking less and less time to reach that emotional state.  🙂


The good news is that my process allows me to restart without it being a giant pain in the ass.  I start by asking my friends and family to model for me, I set up my scenes and take reference photos. Then I draw it out freehand on tracing paper. This allows me to make mark after mark, and erase (and erase, and erase) without damaging the paper. Then I take my finished drawing and transfer it to the watercolor paper with graphite paper. So, all I need to do when starting over is transfer the drawing to another piece of watercolor paper.


So, now it’s time to just keep on painting……….