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Framed final invite_professional photo

A friend of mine approached me several weeks ago with a request for help with a special wedding gift for a close family member. She asked me to do a small watercolor painting on their wedding invitation to have framed and given to the couple as a gift. She asked me if I could do a peony, as it was the bride’s favorite flower and in her bouquet. I said “Of course! I would be honored.” I had forgotten til she reminded me, that I had done the same thing for her once before for a very close friend of hers years ago, and that it was a huge hit, and everyone thought it was a great idea.

It turned out really well, if I do say so myself 🙂

Full disclosure, I had nothing to do with the framing, other than advise on color, etc. through emails.

This was a really fun project to do, and I hope I get to do more like this 🙂