About Me

Karen Berstler


Education: Graduate of Kutztown University with a BFA in painting.

Signature Member Philadelphia Watercolor Society

My Vision

I believe that art can be thought provoking and still beautiful. I feel my purpose is to share the insights that I learn through my continuous and insatiable curiosity and ultimately leave the space I occupy more beautiful than it was when I got here.
I have always been fascinated with people and their personal stories and what makes us all tick as human beings. If I were a writer I would write about people. If I were a singer I would sing songs about people. I am a painter. So, I paint people.
Often I paint images of children. I call them “kinetic portraits” because I like to use poses and compositions that are not contrived and almost candid. And with kids motion is almost always involved. I want you to see as much of their genuine nature as possible.
I also paint  likenesses of women. They could be described as self-portraits though not in the literal sense. I take my personal experiences and try to convey what I have learned as “truth” and show our collective human experience. I use color, body language and composition to help convey the emotion of these experiences. With each one my intention is to show you that what you are seeing, while my truth, is also a part of yourself, no matter how small a part or how temporary.


Contact info: karen@karenberstler.com



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